Here’s a random, unsorted braindump of jumbled ideas for what I’d like this site to provide. I’m not necessarily advocating for any of these tools/sites/services (yet), just listing various things I’m aware of that could be useful.

What compute/services to use?

  • Raspberry Pi (and equivalents)
    • And slimmer hardware (old Android phones)
    • And beefier hardware (workstations, actual rack hardware)
    • Resources like ServeTheHome
  • Compute providers (DigitalOcean, Hetzner, etc)
  • Full cloud providers (AWS/GCP/Azure/Oracle/etc)
    • Should focus on free tiers, affordability, simplicity

Related question: How much compute does one need to run a bunch of services? Answer: usually not much.

What applications to run?

  • Lists like awesome-selfhosted
  • My personal examples (anylist, stronk (still need to open-source), etc)
  • Ideas on how to figure out areas where software can help
  • Vetting open-source software
    • Star counts, forks, organization-backing, donors/supporters, recent activity, number of contributors, OSS vuln scanning, etc
  • Making simple changes
    • Configuration changes, styling changes, using build tools, etc

How to do security in-depth?

  • Using infrastructure like Tailscale/Headscale
  • Using platforms like Sandstorm
  • For hosting public applications from home, tradeoffs + how to tunnel traffic in?
    • E.g. with Cloudflare Tunnels, proxies like ngrok + frp, or directly with Tailscale
    • Dealing with firewalls
    • Understanding risks + ISP limitations
  • Using tools like Caddy for auto-HTTPS