The Smallest Web

May 31, 2023

The Smallest Web is about carving out a small corner of the Internet that is purely your own. It could be where you keep your grocery list, write stories with friends, or store your books.

The Smallest Web is based on The Small Web—just, well, even smaller. Defintions of the “Small Web” vary depending on where you look, but generally, the small web features:

  • No ads or tracking
  • Not monetized
  • Not run by a large company
  • Meant for individuals or small communities

The Smallest Web is all that too! But it also can feature things like:

  • Not necessarily on the public internet
  • Self-hostable (perhaps even in your house!)
  • Small, focused apps
  • Open-source software

The overarching idea is that the Internet is an incredible tool, one that can be used to make your life easier (and dare I say, better) with thoughtful use. The Smallest Web is about taking back some control over your data and regaining some agency in the process.

This site, perhaps a bit ironically, is not part of the Smallest Web. I’d like this site to become a resource for folks looking to set up their own personal Internet-leveraging tools, but we’re definitely not there yet. Right now, it’s a bit too small. Check out Ideas on what this site could provide.